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About Cancun:

A small summary of what you can find in Cancun

Cancun History:

It is a little hard to picture Cancun in the early 70s when only three families lived by its beautiful azure waters. The name Cancun comes from the ancient mayan language "Kaan Kun" and it is not short of controversy, while "The nest of the snakes" translation is widely accepted, most recent investigations and linguists agreed in 2015 that its real name was "Can Kun Ha" meaning "Four Lagoons" which would be today’s lagoon system of Nichupte, Bojorquez, Laguna Amor and Laguna del Inglés. Cancun's history as a proper city may be short, but the destination holds thousands of years of ancient lore and we invite you to explore!

Hotels in Cancun:

Cancun’s convenient location makes it easy to reach from just about anywhere in the world, the Cancun International Airport ranks as the 4th busiest in Latin America with 21 million passengers in 2016; with so many visitors there is a wide variety of hotels and resorts and "flavors" of travel, you know you'll find the perfect Cancun accommodations for you (millions of people can't be wrong!)

With 7 Cancun resorts topping TripAdvisor’s Top 25 All Inclusive Resorts in The World , the offers and Cancun deals are endless. If you are looking for a more private and less "grand" Cancun hotel, there are cute little boutique hotels in Cancun as well as a good stock of Airbnb condos that will fit your budget and relaxation needs.

Where to go in Cancun:

The answer to this question is simple because it always comes down to "What do you feel like doing today?" There are a million things to do in Cancun, from touring around the world famous 7 shaped Hotel Zone and its 14 miles of powdery sand beaches which seems endless, to snorkeling and scuba diving the Great Mayan Reef Barrier and its rich marine life, spelunking the Riviera Maya underground caves and rivers, ziplining over the luscious jungle, discovering enigmatic archaeological sites or try its nightlife by dancing the night away to the hottest beats in the famous Cancun nightclubs; the options are endless, a handful of Cancun tours would have you covered.

Cancun Weather:

As far as Cancun weather, it is tropical all year-round, with a fairly warm "dry" season that goes from mid November up until April and a rain season that starts around May and can go on until the first weeks of November. The average temperature throughout the year is of 80 °F, with a lot of ocean breeze that keeps the temperature from going much higher during the summer months.

Keep in mind that during winter months, Cancun gets cool winds coming from up north and although it will still be a lot warmer than in the United States, Canada and Europe, visitors may get morning chill; while during summer it is also likely to get scattered shower rains on a weekly basis. Cancun tours run 365 days a year, rain or shine and heck, sometime MORE fun in the rain (Cancun ATVs in the jungle mud anyone?) Don't let anything stop you from enjoying your Cancun activities, you only live once (yes, we just said YOLO).