Looking for the best things to do in Cancun? We've got'em all!

Don’t worry, here at Cancun Tours we have carefully selected the best activities and things to do in Cancun. Discover the impressive life under and above the water, get an adrenaline shot ziplining over the jungle or just relax in a catamaran boat. The top Cancun excursions at the best price, where can we take you today?

Tours & Things To Do In Cancun: 

Cancun offers a great variety of activities and things to do for all types of travelers and for all ages as well. Riviera Maya theme parks, swim with dolphins experiences, ziplines, snorkeling tours and impressive Mayan ruins excursions, there’s no other place like Cancun.



Where To Go?

Cancun’s unique location allows you to visit interesting nearby locations. Island lovers will adore a Cozumel day trip or an Isla Mujeres tour for scuba diving, snorkeling and a laid back vibe . You can also have easy access to some of the most enigmatic ancient Mayan ruins, Cancun is the perfect departure point to the Mayan world. A Chichen Itza tour is of course top of the bucket list, a visit to this wonder of the modern world is a no brainer! You can also visit fascinating ancient cities like Ek Balam and Coba or the much smaller and well preserved ocean front Mayan ruins of Tulum from Cancun.



Many tours and things to do in Cancun can go on for aproximately 8 to 12 hours straight; keep this in mind and book your tours ahead so you are not at risk of missing out all the action and amazing places nearby. Have a "day pack" ready with change of clothes, towels, biodegradable sunblock and insect repellent and we recommend a sweater as the busses are often quite chill from the air conditioning. Eat a healthy breakfast to ensure you have energy for the long day of Cancun adventures ahead and get a good night's sleep!