Mayan Ruins Tours: Up Close & Personal

Your Cancun vacation is the perfect excuse to discover fascinating ancient Mayan ruins near Cancun! The ancient Mayan civilization left behind a fascinating legacy and visitors to Cancun will find history all around. A Chichen Itza tour should top your bucket list, it's one of the "New Seven Wonders of the World" and a marvel to see! The Mayan ruins of Tulum offer spectacular views of the sea, the archaeological site of Coba brings you to the top of the tallest pyramid in the region and Ek Balam is a secret gem in Yucatan just waiting to be explored. 

Mayan Ruins near Cancun:

Among the many benefits of Cancun’s location, is its proximity to magnificent Mayan ruins full of mysteries and charm with Chichen Itza being the most famous of all. This city once was the center of the Mayan Empire, it was a cultural melting pot several hundreds of years ago, It is also one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico, as many as 1.4 million visitors take a Chichen Itza tour every year. No wonder why in 2010 it was named one of the New Seven Wonders of The World, besides being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. Other sites that are popular among travellers from all over the world are the beachfront walled city of Tulum ruins and the off the beaten path sites of Coba and Ek Balam ruins.

Important Information:

Although Chichen Itza is a very well known city, excavations and archaeological researches are still taking place on the site, the most recent even discovered a third structure or pyramid underneath “El Castillo” or Kukulkan Pyramid, the larger pyramid and center of this outstanding place, the pyramid is a sort of Mayan era Russian doll in a way, with layers and mysteries to be unfolded and discovered. With the exception of Tulum ruins which is completely discovered due to its smaller size, most of the Mayan ruins near Cancun are still widely unexplored, including major cities such as Coba and Ek Balam. You'll see just the tip of the iceberg of structures at these Mayan ruins sites, many of the buildings are still buried deep in the jungle foliage, their mysteries awaiting discovery! 

What People Say:

Those travelers hungry for knowledge and culture will be in awe, since Mexico’s archaeological sites stand proudly as some of the most enigmatic and well preserved in the world. You will be amazed once you find out why every Mayan building and temple was built in a specific location and how they are related with astronomy and many more secrets. You'll see that the Mayan civilization did not disappear, they are still thriving in Yucatan and continue their culture and traditions today and they are happy to share it with you on your Mayan ruins tour



Chichen Itza and most of the Mayan ruins near Cancun are large cities located in the jungle and therefore, humidity and temperature levels may be a little extreme during the summer months. It is important that visitors wear comfortable clothes (light shirts with long sleeves) and comfortable shoes as well as hats and sunscreen all year round. You are also welcome to bring your camera and unique point of view to take the best photos of your trip. Stay hydrated and fueled, drink lots of water and be sure to eat well to prepare for your Indiana Jones day of exploration.